Musicians have discovered a new revenue stream.

One that combines free market dynamics with digital scarcity.

This is an overview of Audio NFTs, limited edition audio/visuals experiences issued and sold as tokens on Ethereum.

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RAC’s first Audio NFT, Elephant Dreams.

While the notion of crypto has historically been overwhelming to newcomers, platforms like SuperRare are offering gateways into the wonderful world of web3 through branded experiences sold as exclusive digital artworks.

And why might this be of interest you ask? Look no further than acts like 3LAU and RAC, two top-tier producers that have raised $188k and $40k respectively over the past two months alone.

What is an Audio NFT?


Social tokens on Zerion
Social tokens on Zerion

Social tokens — or tokens created around an individual, brand or community — are giving social groups new meaning.

Token-permissioned chat groups and governance are the latest way creators are offering their community unique benefits in the latest experiment to help web3 cross the mainstream chasm.

Using tools like Collab.Land, social tokens enable gated communities where members must hold a minimum amount of tokens to join the group. If at any point the connected wallets balance drops below the predefined threshold, that user is kicked out.

This same premise applies to other forms of content like newsletters and subscriptions, with the general intent of knowing others have skin in the game. …

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The future of audio streaming is one I’ve always been deeply fascinated with.

My first entry into crypto was through the vision of smart contracts and the ability to expedite the way in which royalties are issued, accounted, and collected in real-time.

One of the biggest problems facing streaming is the concept of ‘black box royalties’ or payments which accrue to siloed third parties. These royalties are commonly paid out only when requested, oftentimes months after the stream has occurred.

As we transcend into a digital world, artists are becoming more and more reliant on streaming as their base income…

What happens when you bring together some of the most talented DAO wizards to revamp a platform to summon DAOs?

You get DAOhaus V2 — an upgraded, community-operated, sustainability-focused product to spawn magic internet communities.

Over the two months, core DAOhaus contributors have been gathering for weekly workshops called War Camps. During these events, leaders of different circles share their progress and receive feedback from other divisions in the project.

War Camps were created to take DAOhaus from a grant-reliant side project to a community-funded, future of work platform in which anyone can be supported for adding value…

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Made with love by DAOhaus. Special thanks to Ven Gist for the reskin!

Key Summary:

The yDAO is:

  • Used to fund value-added contributions to the yEarn ecosystem
  • Open for anyone to request funding for yEarn related tasks
  • Open for anyone to join with a base rate of 1 Share = 0.1 YFI
  • Meant for tribute to be spent and share value to be diluted.
  • Built using DAOhaus and the MolochV2 standard
  • Focused solely on funding projects, not on protocol-level governance.

Want to contribute to the yDAO without pledging? Send DAI or YFI directly to 0xcb46298767fb5d44c18313976c30d3eeb5071862*

*Note: Only DAI and YFI have been whitelisted so please do not send anything else.

Forum post to discuss all…

Key Summary:

  • What? The first talent agency for personal token creators.
  • Why? To establish best practices around personal tokens.
  • How? By combining artist management and DeFi to usher in new opportunities for creator communities.
  • Who? Alex Masmej ($ALEX), Brian Flynn ($JAMM) and Coin Artist ($COIN).
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Alex (left), Brian (center), Marguerite (right)

Personal tokens — one of the most contentious sectors in crypto.

As a tokenized representation of an individual, brand or community, personal tokens, or “social finance” are paving a new path for how creators establish and incentivize groups of like-minded individuals.

This rising sector represents a new form of social capital — one in which…

Decentralized Governance is taking center stage and 🔥_🔥 is here to build it.

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Decentralized Governance is taking center stage and 🔥_🔥 is here to build it.

While the concept of decentralized governance has been an integral component of the Ethereum community since The DAO, it’s taken until now for major projects to start allocating significant resources to decentralize their protocol.

In that time, the wider DAO ecosystem has spawned a suite of niche governance experiments.

One of them, Raid Guild, offers a decentralized work initiative focused on ‘slaying web3 demons’. Within this future of work breeding ground, governance has become second nature.

Take away the financial motivation and what remains is a group of passionate individuals focused on shaping strong culture around common goals.

Unfortunately, passion…

Governance. Everyone talks about it but no one really does it.

While a semblance of governance can be found in any DeFi team’s Discord channel, there’s no denying that more and more conversations are run rampant with speculators talking about the price of the token with no consideration or interest in governing the underlying protocol.

For those who missed it, yEarn recently released a zero-value, worthless governance token. The token — YFI — is meant to do one job, and do it well. …

At the heart of MetaCartel is the spirit of community.

Perhaps one of the best stewards of this sentiment is Niran Babalola — the founder of Panvala, a platform to subsidize and stimulate new communities through matching economies.

Panvala has been making strong headway in recent months through their Gitcoin Grant incentives — providing matching bonuses to those who donate with PAN tokens. With the recent introduction of staking clusters, Panvala is creating new ways to aggregate and direct funding in a community-based fashion.

In this interview, we wanted to give Niran a spotlight for his recent work on DAO…

What is yield farming?
What is yield farming?

Put your crypto to work on protocols like Compound, Balancer, Synthetix and Curve

Yield Farming is all the rage these days.

Whether it be supplying assets to Compound, providing liquidity on Balancer, or taking part in Synthetix’s dozens of liquidity incentives, it’s a good time for honest work.

In this article, we’ll walk through the recent trends and how Zerion is helping farmers keep tabs on their seeds, ultimately creating a unified experience to deploy, monitor, and harvest the fruits of their labor in a few clicks.

What is Yield Farming?

For those who haven’t been on Twitter in the past week, Yield Farming is a meme that represents users putting their capital to work to earn…

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